Brevity is Best

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As a valued user of ONA Career Center, your success is important to us. Here are some tips to help make your resume stand out and be more effective.

1. Remember that your resume is a marketing piece about you. It is your first chance to show yourself off to any potential employers. Don’t turn it in to a career obituary.

2. Now that you are moving up in the world, avoid language like, “Responsibilities included…” Instead list your “ACCOMPLISHMENTS.”

3. Make sure to include a “Job Objective”. Potential employers may not know what you are looking for if you do not spell it out for them.

4. Brevity is best. When writing a job objective, make it clear and concise. Any extra language is unnecessary and could result in a potential employer quickly losing interest.

5. When including employment history do not go back TOO far. Unless a job from 20 years ago is extremely relevant to the current position, it does not need to be included.

These five tips can only help your resume gain more views and give you an edge in finding the perfect position.

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