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When it comes to recruiting nursing professionals, using the mega job boards may not be the best way to find what you’re looking for.  Sure, you’ll see hundreds more resumes on Monster or Career Builder, and you’ll get plenty of applicants. But chances are only a small percentage of these applicants will be viable candidates. And going through all those resumes to find the those that may actually be worth interviewing can be time-consuming and frustrating process.

The ONA Career Center is targeted specifically to your niche talent pool: registered nurses. So although you will find fewer total applicants, those who do apply will be much more likely to match your requirements. 

Competitive pricing

Monster and others like it charge close to $400 for the most basic job posting, which includes only one search parameter.  The more job categories you select for your listing, the higher the price goes.  The ONA Career Center is much more competitively priced, and you can list you position under as many categories as you like at no additional cost.

Reach a national network of registered nurses

Employers also have immediate access to the National Healthcare Career Network, a growing network of over 200 top healthcare associations and professional organizations, including the American Nurses Association. The ONA Career Center’s alliance with NHCN increases your reach to a large number of registered nurse resumes, giving you a one-stop-shop to find targeted and quality candidates in your niche.

Access to resume database

Our growing resume database shows that the ONA Career Center is fast becoming THE destination for nursing professionals.  As an employer, you get access to that database at no additional charge whenever you post a job. The mega job boards charge upwards of $500 extra to search resumes of typically less qualified candidates.

Other Benefits

Easy online job management – You can enter job descriptions, check the status of postings, renew or discontinue postings, and even make payments online.

Job activity tracking – Your online account will include reports that show you the number of individuals that have viewed your job, applied online, and even how many times your job was sent out in a “job agent” or “emailed to a friend.”  You’ll see at a glance how effective your ad is.

Auto notification – Set the criteria for your ideal job candidate and our system will email you when new resumes are a match.  No more time wasted visiting the site every day to see new candidates.

Company awareness – The ONA Career Center can be a great venue for promoting your company. Along with each job posting, you can include information about your company, your corporate logo, a Google Map to your location and a link to your web site.

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