The group is considered influential and innovative in the

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Reporters received data in many formats, including paper, and worked for months to clean and standardize it, comparing homicide counts and aggregate closure rates with FBI data to ensure the records were as accurate as possible.In some cases, departments provided only partial information about the homicides, so reporters consulted public records, including death certificates, court records and medical examiner reports, to fill in the gaps. The data is more specific than the federal homicide data gathered annually by the FBI from police agencies nationwide. In that program, homicides include murder and non negligent manslaughter but exclude suicides, accidents, justifiable homicides and deaths caused by negligence.The Post considered a homicide to be closed by arrest when police reported that to be the case.Cases were counted as closed without arrest if they were reported by police to be “exceptionally cleared.” Those are cases in which there is sufficient evidence but an arrest is not possible, for example, if the suspect has died.All other cases were classified as having no arrest.Mass shootings or terrorist attacks in the cities of Las Vegas, Dallas, the District and San Bernardino, Calif., were included on the maps but not factored Cheap Canada Goose Coats into annual local arrest rates.The CitiesThe 50 police departments were selected based on the size of the city and their violent crime reported to the the FBI in 2012, the middle of the survey period.

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